What is Staking?


This section will give you an explanation as to what is staking and how to earn rewards with staking systems. It will also explain the BankerDoge staking vaults and its vault partners.

What is Staking?

Staking is a method of earning passive income by putting your tokens into a staking vault, which simply holds your tokens and distributes rewards. Whenever you put your tokens into a staking vault, you pay an entry fee determined by the vault developers and owners. Additionally, whenever you exit the vault, your tokens also incur the exit fee of the staking vault determined by the developers. Everyone who enters and exits the vault pays the entry and exit fees.
These fees are distributed proportionally to everyone in the vault at the time of entry and exit. Therefore, if you keep your tokens in the staking vault for an extended period of time, you earn more rewards by collecting a part of more investor's entry and exit fees. Additionally, since the rewards are distributed proportionally, the more tokens you keep in the vault, the more tokens you earn from fee distributions.
Staking rewards investors who keep their tokens in the staking vault for a long amount of time and also hold a large amount of the tokens in the vault.
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What are BankerDoge staking vaults?

BankerDoge has a staking vault for its investors to stake their tokens into and earn passive rewards. The BankerDoge vault holds BankerDoge tokens and rewards in BankerDoge tokens.
BankerDoge also makes staking vaults for other crypto projects for investors to earn rewards and stake in their native token. Each token project is able to choose features for their vault as well as customize the vault fees.
You can find all of the tokens we have made staking vaults for at https://app.bankerdoge.com/vaults.
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