BankerDoge Ecosystem


BankerDoge is much more than just a token. It is also comprised of a platform that offers services to other BSC tokens as well as closely interconnected with other token projects. Below is an explanation of the different branches of the BankerDoge project and how they are connected.

BankerDoge Token

The BankerDoge token is a BEP-20 with its own tokenomics and smart contract. It is traded on multiple exchanges and also listed on many token charts. Other than its beneficial tokenomics, its use case is carried out on the BankerDoge platform.

BankerDoge Platform

The BankerDoge Platform is the system that hosts all of the BankerDoge services. The platform can be found on All of the services on the platform rewards BankerDoge token holders.
On this platform, we hosts:
  • staking vaults for BankerDoge and other token projects
  • presales for other token projects

Altrucoin & Altrucoin Platform

Altrucoin is a BEP-20 token made by the same team as BankerDoge. The token has its own tokenomics and smart contract separate from BankerDoge. Altrucoin also has its own platform that offers services such as referral systems and, in the future, Defi-lending to other BSC tokens.
The BankerDoge and Altrucoin platforms are interconnected and serve as eachother's partner tokens.

How BankerDoge relates to Altrucoin

BankerDoge offers staking vaults to other tokens and requires a fee to investors who enter and exit. This fee is collected and distributed to Altrucoin and BankerDoge stakers in the form of Altrucoin and BAnkerDoge tokens respectively. This encouraged people to stake in both the Altrucoin and BankerDoge vaults and also helps to increase BankerDoge and Altrucoin's prices.

How Altrucoin relates to BankerDoge

Altrucoin offers referral systems to other BSC token projects. Whenever someone refers another person to buy a token, they a rewarded in the token they bought as well as some Altrucoin and BankerDoge. In turn, the Altrucoin referral system helps increase the number of holdres and price of both Altrucoin and BankerDoge.
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