The BankerDoge fees are used to fund many features of the Altruism Protocol like improving and advancing the project, donating to charities as well as giving back to token holders. Different fees are charged when buying and selling BankerDoge tokens.
Staking your $BANKER tokens gets you DOUBLE token reflections.

Fee Breakdown

Buy Fee (12%)
Sell Fee (18%)
1% Token Reflection to All BD Tokens
4% Token Reflection to All BD Tokens
1% Token Reflection to Staked BD Tokens
4% Token Reflection to Staked BD Tokens
5% Auto-Buy-Back Feature
5% Auto-Buy-Back Feature
2% Marketing Wallet
2% Marketing Wallet
2% Development Wallet
2% Development Wallet
1% Charity Wallet
1% Charity Wallet

Externally Boosted Tokenomics/Staking Rewards

Every staking vault partner helps BankerDoge and its holders in one of two ways:

Vault Participation Fee

Every time an investor uses the vault of a partner token, they pay an additional fee on the vault's entry and exit fee. This additional fee gets redistributed to BankerDoge and Altrucoin stakers through vault airdrops, which helps to increase the BankerDoge and Altrucoin vaults' APYs and amount of rewards.
Hold to Participate
In order for investors to use partner vaults, they must hold a certain number of BankerDoge token in their wallet. This will increase the BankerDoge price as well as its number of holders.


Recommended Slippage for Buys: 13%
Recommended Slippage for Sells: 19%
Transfers: Incur the 18% Sell fee
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