Core Values


The BankerDoge team upholds transparency in all aspects of the project. Especially in the crypto space, we believe transparency is a valuable trait for a token project. Therefore, we make the team transparent through doxxed videos and regular AMAs and keep the community updated about the progress on the project through our social media platforms.
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The team works with the future of BankerDoge in mind. With every aspect of the project, we make sure to develop and refine it in order to give BankerDoge a thriving use case. Our roadmaps are not just a plan. They are a promise.
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At BankerDoge, we highly value our community and their support to the project. With every decision, we keep the community informed as well as receive their input on the project as if they were part of the team. We also strive to make the Altruism Protocol platform completely decentralized meaning it will be community driven, built, and controlled.
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Besides just making an impact in the crypto space, we also strive to make a positive impact on the world. Therefore, we allocate a portion of the buy and sell fees of BankerDoge to charitable donations. With these donations, we are able to help various causes and organizations all around the world and use the project for good.
See some of the charities we've donated to here.


We never underestimate the level of trust the community puts into our token as investors. Especially being in the crypto world, we know how valuable the security of a token project is. Therefore, we strive to make the product as secure as possible and something that investors can confide in.
View the BankerDoge TechRate Security Audit here and the Bitrise Security Audit here.


Decentralization is the central aim of the BankerDoge project. We plan to develop and evolve the project onto a completely decentralized platform ensuring that no single entity or group has complete control over the protocol.
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